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Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin

In which I implore that Christians should never use this phrase again, and it should be stricken from public use.

Evil and Sin

Why do bad things happen to good people? Why can Christians be so bad at living like Christ? These are two of the toughest questions a Christian will ever be asked, and it’s important that we have an answer. To fully grasp the true nature of Christianity and a full understanding of why Jesus Christ had to come to Earth to die and rise again, we have to understand evil and sin.

A Christian

A Christian is one whose life is shaped and defined by the love, forgiveness and grace God provided to us through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. We are called to reciprocate His gifts to everyone we meet.


What is Christianity? At its core, Christianity is a relatively simple religion, simplicity that is regularly lost or forgotten in debates and discussions about “what is” and “what isn’t”. With many American Christians suffering a serious crisis of faith, it’s time to go back to the basics and re-learn from the ground up what this Christian thing is supposed to be all about.

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